3/4G-02 John K. Higgins

6200 Oregon Ave NW Apt 343

I am a retired business journalist and have been a D.C. resident for nearly 50 years. My wife Katy and I moved from our home here to the Knollwood Life Care senior living community on Oregon Avenue in November 2019 and are very pleased with our decision to do so. I am a board member of the Knollwood resident association and so issues involving seniors will be of interest to me. In the face of many changes, our neighborhood has retained its vitality and stability over the years. My goal on the Commission is to embrace the challenges and changes that will inevitably come our way and that we cannot ignore, but do so appropriately to maintain the attractiveness of our community. That will call for informed planning with community involvement. Great cities – and great neighborhoods – must always be in a state of continuous, and positive, renewal.  Please feel free to contact me with any issues – large or small, that affect our neighborhood.