Resolutions, Letters, and Comments


For the Commission to Foster More Informed Community Engagement in the Chevy Chase Small Area Plan 4-26-2021

Regarding DDOT’s Connecticut Avenue Reversible Lane Study Supporting Concept C  final 4-26-2021

Announcing the Commission’s Intention to Hold Community Forums as Part of the Chevy Chase Small Area Planning Process and Seeking Community Partners final -4-26-2021

Commissioner Speck’s Comments on DDOT’s Connecticut Avenue Reversible Lanes Study  4-28-21

Supporting the Need for Community Oversight of District Government  Acquisition and Use of Surveillance Technologies  4-26-2021

Urging the Mayor and Council to Use Federal Funds to Remove All Lead Service Lines in the District 4-12-21

Requesting that the Council and the Zoning Commission Ensure That No Zoning Changes Will Be Approved Before Completion and Council Adoption of the Chevy Chase Small Area Plan 4-12-21

Requesting the Office Of Planning Adopt a More Engaged and Collaborative Process for Developing the Chevy Chase Small Area Plan 2-22-2021

Regarding the Establishment of the Racial and Social Equity
Standing Committee 1-25-2021

Regarding the District Department of Transportation on its proposed Request for Proposal for the “Smart Street Lighting Project” 01-14-2021

Regarding the Proposed Relocation of Lafayette Elementary Pre-K4 1-11-2021

Regarding Task Force on Racism 12-14-2020

Calling for Reinstatement of Chevy Chase Main Street Grant 10-26-2020

Regarding WMATA Proposal to “Eliminate” E6 Bus 10-13-2020

Calling for the Francis Newman Name Plaque Removal at the Fountain at Chevy Chase Circle 7-27-2020

Statement on Racism 6-8-2020

Regarding Procedures for the General Election in 2020 6-8-20220

Requesting that DC Water and the District Department of Health Examine and, if Feasible, Implement Sewage Testing for COVID-19 6-8-2020

WMATA’s FY 2021 Budget Proposals to Combine the E6 and M4 Bus Routs and Capital Expenditures for Historic Bus Terminal Rehabilitation 2-24-2020

Comprehensive Plan Resolution Final 2-12-2020

Requesting that the Office of Planning Address Lighting Pollution Directly in the Comprehensive Plan Amendments 2-10-2020

Requesting Changes to the Office of Planning’s Proposed Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan 2-10-2020

Requesting Additional Time for Comments on Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan Citywide and Area Elements 11-25-2019

Comprehensive Plan Amendments Act of 2019 (B23-0001) 7-22-2019

Lafayette Rec Center Modernization 2019 7-22-2019

Supporting Adding Capt Pointer’s name to Lafayette Rec Center 7-8-2019

Supporting Mayor Bowser’s Statement on Trump’s Threat to Arrest and Remove Immigrant Residents 7-8-2019

Supporting Oxford House Request for Reasonable Accommodation 6-24-2019

Supporting Funding for Lead Line Replacement in FY 2020 budget 5-13-2019

Regarding Parking Regulations 3700 block Jocelyn St 4-8-2019

Opposing Small Cell Wireless and 5G Tech without Studies Resolving Safety and Other Concerns 2-25-2019

Requesting DDOT Prioritize Capital Bikeshare Station at Lafayette Elementary 1-28-2019

Requesting DDOT  study Current Conn Ave Traffic Patterns and Potential Changes 10-22-2018

Small Cell Wireless 9-24-2018

Regarding the Creation of a Parking Task Force 7-9-2018 

IIEP Act 4-9-2018

Capital Budget CC Community Center modernization 4-9-2018

March for Our Lives 3-13-2018

Restroom Facilities 2-12-2018

Sidewalks on Chestnut St 11-27-2017

Death with Dignity 7-26-2017

Lighting Task Force 6-26-2017

Video recording 3-27-2017

39th St. and Reno Road Intersection 2-27-2017

Special Election Procedures SMD 3-4G05 2-13-2017

Signs at Broad Branch and 32nd 1-9-2017

Comet Ping Pong 12-12-2016

Senior Wellness Center 6-27-2016

Inclusionary Zoning ZC Case 4-33G 2-22-2016

Opposing Exelon’s Acquisition of Pepco 12-14-2015

Bench on Connecticut Avenue to honor Julian Bond 9-28-2015

Wilson Budget Cuts 4-13-2015

Ingleside Final Resolution 12-8-2014



To Councilmembers Requesting Meeting with Them and MPD re Disproportionate Non-Traffic-Related Stops of Black People in the 2nd District 6-28-2021

To HPRB re ECC Historic Landmark Designation 2-23-21

To CM Bonds re Lafayette Pre-K4 Classes 3-5-21

To CM Silverman re Lafayette Pre-K4 Classes 3-5-21

To CM Mendelson re Lafayette Pre-K4 Classes 3-5-21

To CM White re Lafayette Pre-K4 Classes 3-5-21

To CM Cheh re Lafayette Pre-K4 Classes 3-5-21

To CM George re Lafayette Pre-K4 Classes 3-5-21

To Deputy Mayor Kihn re Lafayette Pre-K4 Classes 3-5-21

Statement on Capitol Incident of January 6, 2021

To DDOT re the Revised Draft Environmental Assessment for
Rehabilitation of Broad Branch Road, NW 11-11-20

To DDOT re Oregon Ave Watershed Green Streets Project 10-25-2018

To BOE Regarding Timing of ANC Petitions 6-2-2018

From DDOT regarding Reno Road notice of intent 1-3-2017

Chevy Chase ANC 3-4G E6 Bus Route Issues 2-9-20

Regarding raze permit for 3831 Livingston Street, NW 10-16-2015

ANC 3/4G letters regarding the raze permit for 3831 Livingston Street, NW 10-9-2015 -U

Regarding Zoning Regulations-Comprehensive Text 9-13-2015

M4 Bus Capacity Letter to DDOT and WMATA 1-26-2015



Comments on the revised draft Environmental Assessment for rehabilitation of Broad Branch Road NW 11-11-20

Zoning Responses to ANC Comments 9-12-2016

Disability Parking Comments 7-18-2016

Proposed New Columbia Constitution 7-11-2016-U

Proposed Omnibus Amendment Act 7-11-2016 -U

Zoning Comprehensive Text Revisions 9-23-2015

Rehab Broad Branch Rd Env. Assessment 11-15-2013



ANC 3/4G Resolution Regarding the DC Public Service Commission’s Order Denying Exelon’s Proposed Acquisition of Pepco

Exelon-Pepco Resolution 9-10-2015

ANC vote on Pepco-Exelon Merger 1-14-2015



CAFRITZ Memorandum of Understanding February 2015

ANC.Cafritz MOU – 2-20-2015

Cafritz Perimeter trees 8-7-2013


Cafritz-Department of Transportation Urban Forestry 2-21-2014