3/4G-04 Rebecca Maydak

ANC #2?
3G04 copy

5900 Utah Avenue NW

I moved to Chevy Chase in 1998 as a result of a transfer with my position as a federal agent.  As  a federal agent, I have conducted investigations, worked undercover and traveled to 32 countries to include 4 war zones.  I represented the US and worked in cooperation with US Ambassadors and embassy personnel, US intelligence agencies, US Special Forces and other branches of the US military, foreign Heads of State and their representatives, foreign security forces, foreign military  and private citizens.

I have participated in an Adopt-a-Cop program acting as a “big sister” to children when stationed in Albany, Georgia.

I decided to stay in DC after my retirement because I absolutely love this area.

I am co-chair of the ANC 3/4G  Lighting Task Force representing the community and working with DDOT to find appropriate and energy  efficient lighting for our community. In addition, there are several major construction projects/initiatives within my Single Member District I am actively involved with and/or monitoring.  I am committed to representing my constituents and the larger community until the above projects are completed.  I have found the position of being an ANC Commissioner challenging,  informative as well as rewarding. It has allowed me the opportunity to meet many of my neighbors and to look at concerns from all sides of an issue. I look forward to serving as your representative for ANC 3G04.

In addition to representing the community as an ANC Commissioner, I spend my time as a rescue transport volunteer assisting numerous animal rescue groups.