ANC 3/4G is required by law to give public notice of upcoming public meetings no fewer than seven (7) calendar days before the meeting date, except in case of an emergency or other good cause articulated in the notice.  The notice must be provided by at least two (2) methods that reach each SMD in the Commission area.

We post notice of the details of upcoming public meeting (or special public meeting), including date, time, agenda, and location (if in person) or Zoom link (if virtual), to our ANC email list, our website (, Nextdoor, the Chevy Chase listserv, Chevy Chase Chatter, Chevy Chase DC Google Group, and our Facebook page ( Individual commissioners may post notice on their social media, including Twitter.

If you would like to receive ANC meeting notices and news via email please email the office at with your contact name and phone number.

The 2024 meeting schedule was voted on and approved at our regularly scheduled meeting held on January 8, 2024. Meetings generally begin at 6:00 pm and since March 2020, they have been online via Zoom due to restrictions related to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The ANC’s 2024 meeting schedule is posted below. Please check with the office or your commissioner for any changes in meeting dates and times.

2024 ANC Meeting Schedule

January: 8 and 22

February: 12 and 26

March: 11 and 25

April: 8

May: 13

June: 10 and 24

July: 8 and 22

August: The ANC will be on recess the entire month of August

September: 9 and 23

October: 21

November: 25

December: 9