Racial and Social Equity (RASE) Standing Committee

  • The Racial and Social Equity Standing Committee was stood up by the Commission to carry forth the work of its Task Force on Racism. The Commission believed it was in the best interest of the Chevy Chase community and the District of Columbia to continue using its influence on our community’s public and policy debate to raise equity issues through the formation of a permanent Standing Committee of the Commission, where members of the committee are committed to advocating for the just treatment of all those disadvantaged by systemic inequality. In creating the standing committee, the Commission tasked the body to study and advise the Commission on how to most effectively:
    • Implement the initiatives developed and recommended by the Commission’s Task Force on Racism and adopted by the Commission;
    • Advocate for racial and social equity in the community and the city; endeavor to develop racial and social equity frameworks for analyzing issues and policies;
    • Promote community involvement and engagement; develop key stakeholder (community and City-wide) relationships; incorporate the most affected community members;
    • Champion education and training to increase awareness and understanding of equity frameworks; connect individual and collective experiences to systemic equity issues; and
    • Value data-driven analysis to aid decision-making.

2023 Committee Members

Ron Eichner; Lisa Gore; Renee Inman; Merilee Janssen; Carl Lankowski; Elizabeth Martin; Karrenthya Simmons; Cal Simone; Maria Sims; and Maurice Werner.

2023 Committee Meeting Dates

January 17th; February 21st; March 21st; April 18th; May 16th; June 20th; July 18th; No meetings in August; September 19th; October 17th; November 21st; and December 19th.

Committee Document Library

RASE December 9, 2022 Meeting AgendaAgendasDiscussion on committee accomplishments and CY 23 recommendations, Common Ground ActCommissioner Gore12/9/2022
Committee Recommendations to the ANC for 2023 OperationsRecommendationsCommittee recommendations to the ANC for 2023 operationsMaurice Werner11/28/2022
Committee Accomplishments for 2021-2022ReportsCommittee accomplishments from 2021-222Maurice Werner11/28/2022
RASE November 15, 2022 Meeting AgendaAgendasDiscussion of Common Ground Act, Chevy Chase Fountain, CY23 AccomplishmentsCommissioner Gore11/15/2022
RASE September 20, 2022 Committee Meeting AgendaAgendasDiscussion of Zoning Commission Hearing on Racial Equity and debrief on 9/12/2022 ANC MeetingCommissioner Gore09/20/2022Zoom Meeting Link
Recommendation to the ANC on Proposed Chevy Chase DC Call Box ProjectRecommendationsNotice to the ANC 3/4G01 from the Chevy Chase DC Racial and Social Equity Standing Committee (RASE) regarding how artist will design and rehabilitate call boxes located in Chevy Chase.Maria Sims08/31/2022
RASE November 16, 2021 Meeting AgendaAgendasCommunity Presentation by Parisa Norouzi, ED, Empower DC on Brentwood Environmental Justice and discussion on committee structure and task force recommendationsCommissioner Gore11/16/2021
Statement on Equity Considerations in Redistricting Wards 3 and 4StatementsStatement on Equity Considerations in Redistricting Affecting the Boundary Between Ward 3 Committee11/15/2021
RASE October 19, 2021 Committee Meeting AgendaAgendasDiscussion of committee structure and Task Force on Racism RecommendationsCommissioner Gore10/19/2021
Letter to Robert Contee, Chief, MPDLettersLetter to Chief Contee requesting a meeting with RASE to discuss disparate police stops in the 2nd District
Commissioner Gore06/28/2021
RASE June 15, 2021 Committee Meting AgendaAgendasDiscussion of committee structure, Task Force on Racism Recommendations, and 2nd District Meeting RequestCommissioner Gore06/15/2021
RASE May 11, 2021 Meeting AgendaAgendasDiscussion of committee structure and Task Force on Racism recommendations implementationCommissioner Speck05/11/2021
Committee recommendations on the Chevy Chase Small Area PlanRecommendationsRASE committee recommendations related to the Chevy Chase Small Area PlanCommittee04/25/2021
Standing Committee Initial ResolutionResolutionsResolution establishing the ANC’s Racial and Social Equity Standing CommitteeCommissioner Gore01/25/2021