3/4G-06 Peter Gosselin

3701 Military Rd. NW

I grew up in a small town in Vermont. I’ve spent my adult life in big cities, Boston, New York and — on and off for the past 32 years – Washington, most of that time here in Chevy Chase DC. I know what’s precious about small. I also know things change. I hope to help the community manage change in ways that protect what’s precious while benefiting from what’s new.

I’ve been an investigative reporter for the Spotlight Team at the Boston Globe, a national correspondent for the Los Angeles Times and a contributing reporter for ProPublica. I’ve done stints in government as chief speechwriter for then Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and a member of the first HHS implementation team for the Affordable Care Act. Over 45 years, I’ve written extensively about economic inequality and instability.

I’m a widower and father of really smart, college-grad twins. I garden. I run. I try to look past the current political darkness to a brighter horizon.