Zoning, Design, and Development (ZDD) Standing Committee

ANC 3/4G established the Zoning, Design and Development Standing Committee (ZDD) in a series of resolutions during 2022 to tap the community’s wisdom and expertise to help the Commission deal with the wide array of land use issues that are coming to it. Among the purposes listed are:

  • Helping the Commission participate with the city in devising the rules for a special zoning district or zone for the upper Connecticut Avenue corridor;
  • Advising the Commission on how most effectively to pursue redevelopment of the Community Center-Library campus to ensure robust community participation, inclusion of mixed-income housing and a structure that complements and improves the Connecticut Avenue commercial core; 
  • Keeping abreast of design and development trends, policies and practices elsewhere that the Commission might learn from as it seeks to preserve the community’s many positive attributes and improve Chevy Chase;
  • Finding ways to help the Commission ensure that Chevy Chase’s growth is balanced between structure and infrastructure, large development along Connecticut Avenue and smaller structures in adjacent residential areas, change and continuity.

ZDD Committee Members 

Peter Gosselin, Co-Chair: peter.gosselin@anc.dc.gov

Peter Lynch, Co-Chair: 3G05@anc.dc.gov

Jordan Benderly: jbenderly1@gmail.com

Rasheen Carbin: racarbin@gmail.com

Ron Eichner: ron@newlegacypartners.com

Jim Feldman: wexfeld@gmail.com

Agnieszka Frysman: agnieszka@aol.com

Jonathan Guy: jguy@orrick.com

Connor McCarthy: Connor.McCarthy@transwestern.com

Susanne Slater: susanne.slater@habitatdcnova

Randy Speck: rspeck_98@yahoo.com

Jamie Tilghman: jwt.arch@gmail.com

Renee Turner-Inman: rturnerinman@gmail.com

2023 ZDD Committee Meeting Schedule

March 23rd; April 27th; May 25th; June 22nd; July 27th; No Meeting in August; Sept. 28th; Oct. 26th; Dec. 28th.

The Committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each month, except in August and when the date falls on a holiday. Meeting times are 6 p.m. unless otherwise noted. The Committee may meet on dates in addition to those listed, in which case specific public notice will be issued in advance.

Document Library

6/29/2023Committee Zoom VideoANC 3/4G ZDD Committee Meeting Zoom VideoVideo of the Committee's June 29th meetingCommissioner Gosselin

Link to video recording
6/29/2023Meeting ChatZDD Meeting Saved ChatChat log for thew ZDD Meeting.ZDD Standing CommitteeLink to Chat
5/25/2023RecommendationZoning, Design and Development Standing Committee Recommendation Regarding The NC-19 Civic Core ZoneZDD Recommends ANC 3/4G Approve a Recommendation Related to NC-19ZDD Standing CommitteeLink to ZDD Recommendation
5/25/2023Meeting MinutesZDD Meeting Minutes for May 25, 2023Meeting Minutes from May 25, 2023Commissioner GosselinLink to Minutes
4/27/2023Committee Zoom VideoANC 3/4G Committee Meeting Zoom VideoVideo of the Committee's April 27th meetingCommissioner Gosselin

Link to Meeting
4/27/2023Meeting ChatCommittee Meeting ChatChat from April 27th meetingZoomLink to meeting chat
2/28/2023Committee ReportsCharrette, Community Meeting Working Group Meeting ReportOutcomes:
● ANC commissioners will continue reaching out to DMPED, OP, Councilmember
Frumin’s office
● Continue outreach to LINK around charrettes and surveys
● Find clarity around upcoming city timelines for zoning and Civic Core work.
Commissioner LynchLink to Charrette Sub Committee Report
2/22/2023LettersANC 3/4G Letter to Deputy Mayor FalcicchioThe letter provides an update to the work of ZDD and reiterates the ANC's desire to work jointly with DMPEDCommissioner GoreLink to Falcicchio Letter
2/14/2023Zoning DocumentsDraft Text Amendments for the Chevy Chase Civic CoreSummary of draft text amendments for new NC 18 and NC 19 zones along the civic coreOffice of PlanningLink to draft text amendments
2/3/2023Committee Zoom VideoANC 3/4G Committee Meeting Zoom VideoVideo of the committee's February 2, 2023 meetingCommissioner GosselinLink to Zoom meeting
12/6/2022Membership SolicitationANC 3/4G Seeks Volunteers For New Zoning, Design & Development Standing CommitteeCommittee solicitation for two additional seatsCommissioner GosselinLink to membership solicitation
10/24/2022ANC Meeting VideoANC Zoom Video Recording of its 10/24/2022 meetingThe discussion and vote on the ZDD standing committee begins at 02:14:24CommissionLink to Zoom video
10/24/2022ResolutionsAdditional Resolution Forming the Zoning, Design, and Development Standing Committee and appointing initial membershipThis resolution outlines the committee and appoints its initial membershipCommissioner GosselinLink to initial resolution
6/27/2022ResolutionsInitial Resolution Forming the Zoning, Design, and Development Standing CommitteeThis resolution establishes the foundation for the ZDD standing committeeCommissioner GosselinLink to Initial ResolutionLink to resolution
6/27/2022ANC Meeting VideoANC Zoom Video Recording of its 6/27/2022 meetingThe discussion and vote on the ZDD standing committee begins at 01:13:04CommissionLink to Zoom video