3/4G-03 Randy Speck

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I grew up in a small Texas town, but for the past 28 years, my “small town” has been Chevy Chase DC.  We know our neighbors and care about our community.  But we also realize that we’re part of a bigger city, which means that we have to function within its rules and deal with its bureaucracy.  I sought to be an ANC Commissioner so that I could facilitate that interaction and promote the best interests of all my constituents and of the District of Columbia as a whole.  Our well-established community sometimes feels the strains of the District’s growth and its localized effects in our neighborhood.  As your ANC Commissioner, I try to maximize the identifiable benefits of the District’s growth while minimizing the disruption it may cause if not reasonably constrained.

Now retired after 37 years as a lawyer primarily representing customers to get lower electricity rates, I get to focus my time on family, this community, and continuing to accumulate diverse, stimulating experiences.  I’ve been the one-day-a-week day care for my two grandkids since they were born, I helped to start a book club with an interesting bunch of Chevy Chase men, and I attend a broad array of classes and lectures through OLLI at American University, the Smithsonian, and our phenomenal local resource, the Carnegie Institution.  My wife, Samantha Nolan, and I also travel inveterately.  Finally, my ANC work consumes more time than you can imagine.

Please let me know if you have community-related concerns, suggestions, or questions.