3/4G-07 Charles Cadwell

5207 38th St. NW 


202-329-6816 (mobile) 

In January 2022 I volunteered to fill a vacancy in the single member district where I have lived for the past 35 years. There are three main reasons I did so: 1) There are important issues on the agenda of the ANC this year – among them the future development of our Main Street – Connecticut Avenue – and the potential to advance on the implications of the recognition of the racist origins of our neighborhood 2) interest in assuring equitable service provision not only in our ANC, but across the city, and 3) the opportunity to contribute more to my local community, as I step back from my full-time work on local government issues in the global South. I am grateful to those who signed my petition to fill the vacancy left as Chris Fromboluti ended his many years of ANC service, and look forward to meeting and hearing from many more of my neighbors in SMD3G-07.

I used to be from rural Massachusetts, but DC has been home since 1973 when I came here for law school. My senior thesis in college was research on 18th C town democracy in Warwick, Massachusetts….many familiar issues are found on those yellowed records – land use, services for their poor and taxes. I practiced law briefly and then worked on consumer issues at the Carter White House and small business policy issues during the next administration. Since 1990 I have been leading teams at the Economics Department of the University of Maryland, and then at the Urban Institute, both focused on international development and governance. This has taken me to 40-some countries and allowed me to work with amazing colleagues and local leaders working to improve public sector performance and accountability, widening voice and agency for the excluded.

Currently an Institute Fellow at the Urban Institute, I am also (since 2009) on the Board of Historic Chevy Chase DC. My wife, Mary Schapiro, and I have lived at our current address for 35 years and lived in Barnaby Woods for six years prior. We have two grown daughters.

I am still learning about all the good work my fellow Commissioners do. I look forward to hearing from 3G-07 neighbors in this time of change and challenge.