3/4G-07 Zachary Ferguson



I grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida, and moved to DC with my wife after

graduating from the University of North Carolina School of Law. I have 

worked as an attorney for the federal government for nearly a decade and 

live with my family in Chevy Chase. 

I am passionate about good governance and public service so I am 

honored to serve as ANC Commissioner for 3/4G 07. My priorities will be 

listening, learning, and advocating for residents as best I can. While ANCs 

have a limited advisory role, they play an important part of our local 


Every neighbor has valuable thoughts about our neighborhood and all 

residents deserve to be heard and treated with respect. Do not hesitate to 

contact me to discuss any community-related matters.

When I am not at work or volunteering as ANC Commissioner you might 

see me at one of our local playgrounds with my kid or out on a tennis court 

– please say hello!