ANC 3/4 Regular Hybrid Public Meeting — June 10, 2024

In-person session in auditorium, Chevy Chase Community Center, 5601 Connecticut Ave. NW;

Virtual session, register in advance here:


7:00  Call to Order and Commissioner Introductions

7:02  Announcement of Meeting Procedures (described below) and Adoption of Agenda

7:05  Consent Agenda Approval:

  • Minutes: May 13, 2024; April 25, 2024
  • Debit Card: Groups.IO subscription for Transportation Committee: $220
  • Check Reimbursements: Ferguson reimbursements:
    • WordPress: WP MailSMTP for ANC website: $99
    • WordPress: WPForms for ANC website: $99
    • GoDaddy: Managed SSL renewal for $199.99

7:10  ANC 3/4G Resident Forum (Members of the ANC 3/4G community are invited to ask questions and raise concerns about issues that are not otherwise on


the agenda)

7:20  DDOT Acting Director Sharon Kershbaum on Bio-retention Basins. (Commissioners Gosselin, Lynch and Nash)

7:35 Discussion, Possible Vote to Adjust ANC’s April 25, 2024 Resolution on

Rezoning of Upper Connecticut Ave. NW. (Commissioners Gosselin and Sherman)

7:45  Discussion of ANC Tech Problems, Presentation and Possible Vote on Retaining a Specialist to Modernize/Document ANC Website (Commissioners Gosselin and Nash)

7:55  Discussion and Possible Vote on Amending ANC-Maret MOU to request Maret reconsider use of natural grass at ECC instead of artificial turf. (Commissioner Sherman)

8:05  Discussion, Possible Vote Supporting Installation of Sidewalk on 6200 Block 32nd Place NW. (Commissioner Zeldin)

8:10  Discussion, Possible Vote Concerning WMATA Better Bus Proposal (Commissioner Nash)

8:15  ANC Committee and Task Force Reports

  1. Zoning Development and Design (Co-Chairs Gosselin and Slater)
  2. Racial and Social Equity Standing Committee (Co-Chairs Martin and Simmons)
  3. Transportation Committee, including discussion of membership (Chair Nash)
  4. Maret Project Task Force (Co- Chairs Backus and Osborne)

8:25 Commission Business:

  1. Secretary’s Report
  2. Treasurer’s Report: Quarterly financial report; bills, including reimbursement to Gosselin for Verizon hotspot and discussion whether to cancel hotspot service
  3. Possible items for June 24, 2024 Regular Meeting:???

8:30  Adjournment

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