ANC 3/4G – Monday, May 13, 2024 – Regular Public Meeting (Virtual Only) – 7 pm to 9 pm


ANC 3/4G Regular Public Meeting Agenda

May 13, 2024

 7:00-9:00 pm

7:00      Call to Order and Commissioner Introductions

7:02     Announcement of Meeting Procedures (described below) and Adoption of Agenda

7:05     Consent Agenda Approval:


Debit Card: N/A

Check Reimbursements: N/A

7:10     ANC 3/4G Resident Forum (Members of the ANC 3/4G community are invited to ask questions and raise

concerns about issues that are not otherwise on the agenda)


7:25     Budget Presentation and Discussion, Nina Albert, Deputy Mayor, Planning and

            Economic Development (Chair Gore)

7:45     Presentations and Possible Vote on DC Statehood Resolution.

            Presenters: Noah Wills, DC Statehood Compact & Pledge; James Bubar,

            DC Democrats Statehood Committee (Commissioner Lynch)

8:00     Discussion and Possible Vote, Request for Modification to BZA Order No. 18929-A  

            St John’s College High School involving Property at 2701 Military Road NW, currently

            Forest Hills Memory Care facility (Commissioner Nash)

8:05       Discussion of Upper Connecticut Avenue Zoning Changes now before the

              DC Zoning Commission (Commissioners Gosselin and Sherman)

8:20      Discussion and Possible Vote on Members and Mission Statement for the ANC’s

              New Standing Committee on Transportation, plus an Invitation for DDOT Acting

              Director Sharon Kershbaum to Attend the ANC’s June 10, 2024 Meeting

             (Commissioner Nash)

8:30       Possible Discussion, Maret School-ECC Athletic Field (Commissioners Sherman)

8:40       Possible Update on DDOT Bio-retention Basin Proposal (Commissioner Gosselin)  


8:45       Discussion, Should the ANC Continue Having Virtual-Only Meetings (Chair Gore)

8:50       Commissioner and Community/Agency Announcements (1 minute per speaker)

8:55       ANC Committee and Task Force Reports

  1. Zoning Development and Design (Co-Chairs Gosselin and Slater)
  2. Racial and Social Equity Standing Committee (Co-Chairs Martin and Simmons)
  3. Maret Project Task Force (Co- Chairs Backus and Osborne)

8:50       Commission Business:

  1. Secretary’s Report
  2. Treasurer’s Report: Quarterly financial report; bills, including reimbursement to Commissioner Gosselin for Verizon hotspot and discussion whether to cancel hotspot service; subscription renewal for WPForms for website.
  3. Possible items for June 10, 2024 Regular Meeting: DDOT bio-retention basin discussion; DDOT presentation on Connecticut Avenue bike lane decision; Community Center-Library RFP update.

9:00       Adjournment

If you are not able to attend the ANC’s public meeting, you may submit your written comments to Videos of the ANC’s meetings are available on YouTube channel ANC3G.

Regular Meeting Procedures:The ANCs meetings are run with a few norms in mind, and we expect everyone to abide by these norms. The promote a civil and respectful discourse.

  1. Residents are encouraged to send any questions or comments to the Chair at in advance of the meting so that they can be adressed during the meeting.
  2. Except when they are recognized to speak, all virtual attendees should mute their devices to avoid disruptions from background noises. In-person attendees should be recognized by the Chair before making comments.
  3. Meetings will follow the agenda and the times listed there, with any modifications

determined by the Chair.

  • During meetings, virtual attendees should use the chat function to ask questions or to

request to make a comment; they will then be recognized by the Chair.

  • We understand that sometimes issues may provoke strong emotions and that these expectations may be forgotten. Part of the Chair’s job is to remind you of these norms during the meeting.
  • Regular Commission meetings will be in person at the Chevy Chase Community Center

with a Zoom component – a hybrid format.

  • In most instances, meetings will observe a time limit of 2 hours, 30 minutes in keeping with a reasonable citizen time commitment and Community Center scheduling requirements.
  • Commissioner introductions and community/agency announcements will be abbreviated to one minute each.
  • ANC 3/4G community-related agenda items will now be placed first on the agenda.
  • A new, 15-minute block of unstructured time for resident comments will be incorporated

into every regular Commission meeting – for new business other than agenda items.

  1. Speakers must limit any statements or questions to the time allotted. The Commission also accepts emailed and written comments or questions. When discussing agenda items residents will have the first opportunity to speak on agenda items, followed by Commissioner briefs.
  2. Commissioner briefs on agenda items will be kept to three-minutes with a two-minute

follow-up, as needed.

  1. Resident briefs on agenda items (i.e., scheduled contributions by residents as part of the agenda) will be given the same time as Commissioners: three minutes with a two-minute follow-up. Every resident will have an opportunity to be heard once on an issue before any resident is heard twice.
  2. Ad hoc comments by residents in response to agenda items and during the 15-minute

open session will be kept to one minute with a one-minute follow-up, as needed.

  1. Routine Business items that have the unanimous approval of the Commission will be moved to the “Consent Agenda.” The following types of items are sometimes included in the consent portion of meeting agendas: Topics of a routine/recurring nature; procedural decisions; Non-controversial issues that do not require debate or deliberation; Items previously discussed for which the Commission has come to a consensus, but that still need an official vote. The following items should be considered for consent items: The previous meetings’ minutes; Financial reports or any other reports that are informational only and that do not require debate; and Resolutions that do not require debate, like ceremonial resolutions.
  2. Task Force/Committee Reports should be limited to two-minutes each. If a Task Force is submitting recommendations to the Commission or has any report that may extend beyond two-minutes, the recommendation and report shall be submitted to the full Commission 7 days in advance of the meeting.

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