ANC 3/4G Seeking Resident Participation in Sports Field Project Task (register your interest by Nov 26th)

Background: Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3/4G is seeking expressions of interest from residents to participate in the Commission’s on-going role related to the development of a sports field on the property of the Episcopal Center for Children (ECC) at Utah and Nebraska Avenues NW. ECC has agreed to lease the property to the Maret School of Washington, D.C., which will develop the multi-sports field for its own use as well as for use by youth sports groups. Leasing funds will enable ECC to resume its mission for providing education and care to children with emotional disabilities which hamper learning. 

Project scope: The project has been approved by the D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) and several D.C. regulatory agencies. BZA has approved the use of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) initiated by ANC3/4G between the ANC and the Maret School covering multiple issues related to construction of the site, including traffic control during construction, parking of worker vehicles, hours of work and other development impacts.  

Resident participation:The Commission is seeking resident members for a small task force to oversee compliance with the MOU by Maret and the construction company. The ANC will be responsible for monitoring development of the field. The task force’s only role will be to identify any deviations from the terms of the MOU. 

Members of the task force will include Commission members as specified in the MOU, as well as a representative of the field developer. The Commission is committed to providing resident participation on the task force. Such resident participation will include the ability to attend task force meetings; partake of meeting discussions; access to relevant information, and to contribute to task force governance procedures. The Commission is seeking resident participation reflecting the range of community perspectives associated with the project. It is the goal of the ANC to utilize the task force as a non-confrontational method to address neighborhood concerns related to construction of the field.  

It is anticipated that the task force will meet at least monthly but no more than twice a month, extending from a period prior to the start of construction to two months after completion. Resident applicants should briefly describe their level of interest, proximity to the field, potential conflict with related parties, any prior involvement with the Maret/ECC project, any area of expertise related to the project, and their contact information. An organizational meeting is tentatively scheduled between Nov. 30 and Dec. 5, 2022. 

Deadline: Residents may register interest by E-Mail to Commission Chair Lisa Gore by November 26, 2022 at: 

Additional information: Information on the project is available from the ANC website:, under “Issue Areas.” Following is a link to the MOU:  


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