Email from the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development to ANC 3/4G Agreeing to Reschedule the Public Surplus Meeting Related to the Civic Core

The Commission received an email from Gilles Stucker, DMPED’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, on December 6, 2022 notifying us that the Public Surplus Meeting will be rescheduled, accommodating the Commission’s request, for some time in January 2023 and that we will receive the required 30-day notice once a meeting date and location is confirmed.

The purpose of the Public Surplus Meeting is to obtain community input on the potential public uses of the Property to inform the Mayor’s determination whether a portion of the real property is no longer required for public purposes. This is the first step among several steps toward a joint DMPED, DC Public Library (DCPL), and DC Parks & Recreation (DPR) Request for Proposal some time in early 2023 to redesign the Reimagined Civic Core into a multi-purpose facility that includes affordable/workforce housing, as expressed in the July 12, 2022 Council approved Chevy Chase Small Area Plan (see pp. 28-31).

The email is copied and pasted below:

Tue 12/6/2022 2:57 PM

  • Gore, Lisa (SMD 3G01)


  • Mayor Bowser;
  • Falcicchio, John (EOM);
  • Mendelson, Phil (COUNCIL);
  • Cheh, Mary (COUNCIL);
  • Matthew Frumin <>;
  • Janeese Lewis-George <>;
  • ANC 3G Office (ANC 3G);
  • Speck, Randy (SMD 3G03);
  • Chang, Connie (SMD 3G05);
  • Gosselin, Peter (SMD 3G06);
  • Zeldin, Michael (SMD 3G04);
  • Cadwell, Chas (SMD 3G07);
  • Higgins, John (SMD 3G02)

Good afternoon Chair Gore,

Thank you for the ANC’s letter. The Public Surplus Hearing for the Chevy Chase Civic Site will be rescheduled to January 2023. January 14-16 is a holiday weekend, so we are looking at alternative dates.

We have been working with the church to secure an meeting space and will provide an updated formal ANC notice once a date and time is confirmed.

We likewise look forward to working with the ANC and community on this process and continued engagement.


Gilles Stucker | Director of Strategic Initiatives

Government of the District of Columbia
Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development
1350 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Suite 317 | Washington, DC 20004
Direct: 202.285.2148 | Fax: 202.727.6703 |

Here is the ANC 3/4G Letter dated November 30, 2022 to DMPED Director of Strategic Initiatives, Gilles Stucker, requesting delay of the Public Surplus Meeting scheduled for December 15, 2022, to be rescheduled to January 15, 2023 and not to close the record before February 15, 2023 to give the community time to understand the process and respond.

For the original notification from DMPED of the Public Surplus Meeting, please go here.

ANC 3/4G has created a dedicated page regarding the “Implementation of Chevy Chase Small Area Plan — Redesign of the Civic Core (Fall 2022-present)” here.

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