National Park Service Proposes Change to Upper Beach Drive **Aug 11th deadline for comments**

ANC 3/4G has been notified that the National Park Service has announced a proposed resolution to the issue of future motorized traffic on Upper Beach Drive. NPS suggests that during the summer months (Memorial  Day through August 31) the route be closed to motorists. Otherwise it would remain open to motorized traffic. NPS will conduct a public hearing on July 18, from 6:30-8pm and will accept comments through August 11, 2022 (comments can be provided via this link). NPS has issued an Environmental Assessment (EA) related to the proposal. Full details are available here

**UPDATE July 19, 2022** This link brings you to a June 2022 DDOT Study, “Upper Beach Drive Management Plan–Traffic Study,” that updates and supersedes the Traffic Study in Appendix B of the National Park Service’s Environmental Assessment referenced above.

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