Notification from DC Water, “Project Update For Your Area-Small Diameter Water Main Replacement Project In The Chevy Chase Neighborhood” affecting Kanawha St., NW from Nevada Ave NW to Chevy Chase Parkway NW

The Commission received the following email from DC Water on December 6, 2022:


Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Director of Community Affairs: Emanuel D. Briggs               

(202)787-2003 or

Greetings DC Water Community Stakeholders:  

Please see our revised list of construction activities for the next two weeks-

Week of December 5

Kanawha Street NW, from Nevada Avenue NW to Chevy Chase Parkway NW

  • Tuesday, December 6
  • We are scheduling to perform a tie-in of newly installed water main at this location
  • Wednesday, December 7 – Friday, December 9
  • We will be performing water service reconnections to properties at this location through the remainder of this week

Week of December 12

Kanawha Street NW, from Nevada Avenue NW to Chevy Chase Parkway NW

  • Monday, December 12 – Friday, December 16
  • We will be working throughout next week to continue with water service reconnections to properties at this location (please see the highlighted portion below for more specific details on what to expect during water service reconnections)

During water service reconnections, we will be connecting the new water service lines to some homes to the newly installed water mains. Please see below specific details:

Typically, during water service reconnections, you will see the following:

  • We will begin to paint the areas where we will be working, so you may begin to see paint markings on the sidewalk, portions of the roadway, and even on portions of yard spaces.
  • Essentially, we will be replacing the portions of water service lines feeding homes in the block on the city (public space) side. This could include replacing portions of lead service lines with copper service lines in public space (in cases where the public portion of the service line is lead), and/or upgrading the diameter of the service line in public space from ¾ inch up to 1 inch.
  • Where property owners may have lead for the portion of their service line inside their private property, DC Water will replace this portion of lead line with copper if the property owner has signed a Lead Service Replacement Agreement with DC Water and a service order for this private side lead line replacement has been issued.
  • We will provide our standard 48-hour advance notification door hanger before starting the work.
  • As property lines vary widely across the District, we understand that for many of the properties, portions of the front yard spaces are located in public space (property owned by the District). Despite this fact, we understand customers’ sensitivity when it comes to disturbances inside yards, so we will do our very best to work around plantings and pavers in the public space portion of yards; we do strongly suggest that property owners temporarily remove these items prior to the work, however, because DC Water is not responsible for replacement of these items, if damaged.
  • Similarly, for portions of yard spaces located inside customers’ private property, DC Water is not responsible for replacement of any plantings or pavers that are damaged during private side service line replacements. For this reason, we ask that customers temporarily remove these items inside their private property as well.
  • We may, on a case-by-case basis, need to perform a test pit in some of the yards. This would include a small excavation (dig) in some of the yards in order to access the pipe and/or move the water meter from the private property over into the public space for future access, if needed. We just want to make sure you have this information.  

Please keep in mind that these construction activities are highly dependent upon favorable weather conditions.

Thanks much, please stay tuned for future updates, and make it a wonderful week…..ON PURPOSE!!

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